About the Authors

Connor Strader

Photo by Stefani Robinson
Photo by Stefani Robinson

Connor Strader is an LA-based independent filmmaker and musician, with a knack for scaring children and telling ghost stories. His record of experience in the entertainment industry includes working as a creative consultant, and in various other roles on and off set for several independent productions. He has loved rock and roll his whole life, and attributes his critical credibility to years and years of listening to music, and putting up with bullshit.

Edward “Stevie” Dunbar (III)

Photo by Laura Knapp

Edward “Stevie” Dunbar (III) is a Hawaii-bred, Boston-based marketer, journalist and musician. His years of experience in the field of listening to music has resulted in a keen ear for interesting sounds and an iron fist when it comes to garbage music. He firmly believes that Purple Rain is the greatest album of all time and Primal Scream are the greatest rock band to ever grace the planet. His body is always ready.

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